We love antiques. They are like lost civilizations or part of lost time.  They are part of our long lost ancestors. Through them we can connect with the past and learn about the past by exploring their depths. We may learn a thing or two. Each antique product has a unique character, style, language, charm and a tell tale story to tell us. By learning more about them, we may stir up some dirt and some imagination in solving their dark past.

Antiques are often stored in old barns or in old attics , lost in time, not cared for and often forgotten in the dark corners where they rest.. Bringing it to light , brings it back to life by giving it a second chance to be admired by the new era only to be completely forgotten by the bygone. The past has cast them away. the present is looking for them and who knows what the future will bring.  

Antiques connect us with the new by which we see value in them. They also help us by bridging us to the past from the present.

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