A believer is blinded by the belief .  Belief is virtual, blind, imaginative, unquestionable conditioned, a behavior and is intangible with no set monetary value. But it has the power to influence the minds of so many into succumbing to it and surrendering ones self. Apart from it, it is just a belief. It is also big business.

If we show you two pills - one is real and one is a placebo. We tell you that the placebo is twice as strong as the other one. You would opt in for that pill. This is belief in action. It;s mind over matter. Mind is much stronger than they seem . Ones health may be influenced by the heath status of their mind also. A strong mind has fighting power to overcome obstacles. On the contrary the weak mind succumbs to external forces. Many businesses and organizations have capitalized on the innate power of the mind.

Life moves on belief. Every dawn comes with it a new set of challenges. Once you have belief and faith in yourself, you can and you will be able to cross this hurdle. It is in fact a virtual product for many - the believers and the people who help make belief.

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