It is a word with a mixed meaning expressed in terms of where knowledge and manpower is trans positioned from one part of the World to the other, where by the origin of the knowledge, manpower and the training has been derived from the home base or the host. The recipient is the beneficiary. But in this drawing the same analogy applies.  The knowledge is drained from the artist's brain, through the ink pen, through the tip and onto paper.  We cannot read the artist's brain but once he or she puts it on paper, we are able to see it and benefit from it. So he or she is the host and we are the beneficiary. The blotted ink at the bottom of the pen tip signifies the effort put in via sweat to bring the idea from the mind to paper so everyone can benefit irrespective of who reads the image on paper.

Knowledge like art and music is designed to be shared and not to be kept under lock and key in  a closet. it is meant to be appreciated, admired and talked about . Each of us have our unique inner talents hidden within each of us. It is time to look inside each of us and explore the limitless potential that we have within us and share it with the World outside so all of us can benefit as one. This makes each of us unique and the one and only. Be yourself. Be you and be proud of who you are.

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