Humans are hard wired to be creators. We have been given a powerful mind that has evolved over millennia,  the ability to create, the power of the intellect unlike any other life forms on Earth and the ability to work with our hands and mind. With these we have been doing everything to satisfy our curious and intuitive mind. Handicrafts have evolved as we evolved as shown in various civilizations.  

A busy hand and a creative mind can accomplish beautiful and creative objects for everyday use. Inventions are just that. We use our idea to gather known objects that are found around us, when put together in an intelligent but unique fashion, gives birth to a new product. This product has been given a new life to satisfy the needs of millions and millions of people to make their daily lives easier. Look around  you. Anything and everything you see and do is tied to someones idea and their eventual invention.

So be creative and create something new everyday. This may help keep your mind young, energetic and fired up throughout life. In the process it may help someone somewhere through your creations.

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