Vegetables are very important to our health.  Most of us know vegetables from our supermarket isles.  These are transported thousands of miles using fossil fuels and many times grown and harvested using exploited labor. There is nothing better than home grown.  You get to enjoy planting it, watch it grow daily and finally harvesting it. on top of that you get to eat it with family and friends while talking about the experience.  Your whole family can pitch in in the entire experience from  seed to harvest. This is an experience of a life time. The seeds could be saved for next year and begin the planting to start the process all over again. 

When we grow food with our own hands and using our own effort, there is a  sense of pride , a sense of satisfaction and happiness that arises out of it. Dig in and try it.

It cannot get any better than this.  And just a reminder- IT IS FRESH as can be. Enjoy the fruits of your own labor and have fun doing it over and over again.

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