We all try to pride ourselves on I am this and I am that.  So we consider ourselves so special in our point of view.  Consider the drawing in which you see a snail a tortoise and a hare. Each of these have their own strength and weaknesses. You cannot expect an elephant to climb a tree or  a lion to each leaves for dinner. Likewise, all have our strengths and weaknesses. Each of these animals are special in their own ways . It is not their fault but this is what nature intended them to be. We cannot change ourselves for no one. We are who we are. We are not here to impress anyone. This is what we are born with and we pass through life the same way. We cannot change our looks to satisfy someone, because they do not like the way we look. Nature is nature. That is why we have so many life forms created by some higher power, shown in different varieties, with different shapes, size, color, texture and forms. Variety is truly the spice of life without which it would be very boring. Imagine we all looked the same,acted the same, spoke the same, ate the same food. There would be no reason to travel to different countries. The question of exploration itself would be non-existent. We need to respect each other, admire our differences, learn from our indifference's,  eat different foods, wear different clothing,  learn new languages, explore distant lands and learn in the process new and amazing things our planet has to offer us. Our differences are unique and special to each of us. So celebrate it daily and be proud of who you are. Because no one else will. This is the beauty of nature.
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