Earth is a small pebble within our galaxy.We live on the small and insignificant pebble in the vast darkness of space.  There are millions and millions of galaxies outside ours. This makes us very highly insignificant. So money , status or fame just doesn't cut it. Its plain irrelevant. We travel across the globe and brag about going to many countries. In reality we are earth or continent hopping- logically speaking. We are flying or driving from one point of the pebble to another- point A to point B. It just that. Many people We need to step back from Earth and look at it from outside. This will give us an entirely different picture of ourselves, our relationship with nature and  the outlook of life in general. People who ave traveled far and wide on this pebble, Earth hopping  can relate to it. Travelling outside our home opens our mind,  develop different perspective of things, we learn to accept our differences, respect our in differences, our culture, our food, the way we dress, our rituals, customs and traditions. By opening our minds we lose our narrow mindedness and give our brain  a chance to feast on unlimited knowledge.

Travelling helps learn, gain knowledge, adapt, be street smart, learn about new cultures, their customs, traditions, their beliefs, their tastes, feast on sights, sounds and colors. This is a small list. For the full list you will need to travel and discover for yourself. Travel equals knowledge. But remember, you are still pebble hopping no matter how you slice it.

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