We seem to take life and time for granted. Some species live for just a few hours and some for a few days.  Each one of us have the same 24 hours. What we do with that 24 hours is what matters. It's not how many years we live that matters but what we have we done to give back which matters most in the end.  Having lived without living  does not make any sense because it becomes meaningless. There will be a void in our life . To fill in that void , life has to have a purpose and each of us have that void in us . This need to be filled with all the good by doing good for others, be self sufficient, content and happy. Too much of anything is poison and  that includes the category of money and food which we are conditioned to chase throughout life. Hobbies which you love can do good for you and for other. Gardening is a hobby that anyone can do. It in fact gives a sense of bliss from the moment you plant that seed, watch it grow in various stages, you see it bear fruit and flowers, then you harvest it along with family and friends, then you share your harvest by cooking and eating together. You will cherish the fruits of your labor and so will your friends. This is what we call the effective utilization of time and energy.
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