We have been conditioned  by society to have carrots look perfectly conical and elongated. But nature does not create it that way, the same applies to any fruit or vegetables.  Apples are not of the same diameter and bananas are not of the same size as required and expected by the consumers. Daily millions of tons of fruits and vegetables are thrown out because they do not meet customers standards which are otherwise perfectly healthy to eat. Some are even deformed , the way nature makes it.

But in society we are willing to throw that food into the garbage verses giving it to the needy and hungry poor. We see this happening in all countries. Next we are seeing food wastage as a major problem in most households. Food is very hard to grow. Forests were destroyed to make way for farms. In the process we have eliminated many medicinal trees and plants. Now growing food need plenty of water, chemicals. By eliminating trees we have destroyed the climatic sequence. Hence due to  less rain, we are tapping in ground water to feed the crops. With increasing population and a n increasing demand for food, we are literally sucking out and depleting our sources of fresh water. Food is very hard to grow and very easy to discard and throw in garbage. Wasted food helps no one. 

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