When was the last time you drank water ? In the past many decades, we have been given so many alternatives to stop drinking plain water from our taps. Most of us have stopped drinking water altogether. Our body is made of 3/4 water. If we do not stay hydrated our cells start malfunctioning. Sugar has been added to entice and deviate from drinking plain water. Plain water never tasted great in the first place. Our cells need water daily for their survival as well as the survival of our self.

Imagine an explorer, who sets off with gallons of water, finds himself in the middle of a desert with no water on him and no water in sight. The body takes up the load and tries to protect the vital organs. At one point dehydration sets in at the cellular level leading to a fatal ending. Cells do shrivel due to lack of water and can perish. Cells do needs its daily dose of water input in order to perform its functions properly and regulate the vital functions of the body. This may help keep us alive. So go ahead. Hydrate your cells daily with water, plain old water, which has helped man survive so far ever since man had come into the picture. Help conserve water. Reduce water use to the bare essential. Every drop counts. We are in this together. We are irrigating our front lawns to give our lawn a greener look with drinkable water from our taps. Just imagine the whole World doing that.  Meanwhile 1/3 of the people in this World do not even have clean, safe, and reliable drinking water which is the basis of life on this planet.

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