How do you define happiness? It is intangible, virtual, a feeling that cannot be measured and which comes from within your soul. No one can create it artificially nor breed it. Only you are it's creator. But your body and mind together with your soul has to intuitively create it from the depths of your sub consciousness. No one says- I have had enough of this happiness, I want my sorrows back. We all want the good times to roll on but not the bad times. Why? Why are we so picky?  Neither good nor bad times last. So enjoy the spur of each moment. Life is too short to regret lost opportunities. For some lots of money brings them happiness and for others a mere visit to the breach brings them joy. So our levels of happiness varies based on what we are looking for in it. If you love what you do and it brings you happiness or keeps you happy do it, keep on doing it. Be alive, stay alive and kicking. Enjoy the happiness that life brings to you from within you. It may not last long so enjoy it.
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