Your true friends are the circles who can contribute to your life. Imagine you in the center off a circle and there are other circles around you on all sides. Some are close and some not so. Friendship is a two way street. You scratch my back and I scratch yours. This is the way how it works. It may also be you close family. When a calf is born into a herd of wildebeest, the whole herd protects the young from predators lurking in the bushes waiting for a chance. Like wise your circles plays an important part in your life and you in theirs. You are a part and parcel of their lives and you in theirs. Life is all about sharing, caring, feeding and protecting each other. Our primates still embrace this but we as Humans seem to be going in the wrong direction. Without your circles you might well be that lonely calf in the midst of predators in the vast plains.
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