Life is a balance between work, play, leisure and sleep. If we do not balance any of these or all of these, our body faces an imbalanced situation. Too much of work is bad and so is too much of sleep. Life is not all about money, which we all have been told to chase from birth to death, from gaining respect to achieving status in society to purchasing what ever you want at any time you want. Too much of anything is poison that include food. Hence there is a power play between these categories in our society today.

Our mind, body and soul has to be in harmony to be in good health. We as Humans are literally spending our life TIME that has been allotted to us for the sake of money. So how do we balance life? Everyone has a routine to help keep this balance in their lives. What is your? If you have it, good. If you don't create it. Life balance is what we make of it. Only we can do it for ourselves. No one else can do it for you. It cannot be delegated.

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