Learning goes on for a life time from 1-150 years of age. Ever since we are born, it is a learning process. We start learning at conception. If we do not adapt and learn we die.  From the womb, we begin to recognize moms voice, learn sounds, feel the warmth etc. Once we are in the open World, we are bombarded with many more strange sights and sounds . We never stop learning. No one knows everything. It is impossible to know everything. It is good to learn and keep it in your database up in your mind.  In life we come across many situations which challenge us and put roadblocks in front of us.  Your database of valuable data helps you out by helping you act out based on the needed application.  Then you make your decisions based on the analysed data.Your mind is the World's most powerful computer. It can still remember your childhood incidents and even your old classmates, including their innocent and childish faces. That is what we call power. This power is at your disposal. If we don't use it , we lose it.

The nerves have to be kept firing to keep it active. Right  knowledge at the right time is power. To survive daily, a Human must amass vast knowledge both in business and personal live without which he or she  would sink.  To run a business we need to be updated on current trends and pivot as needed in order to survive.. It's either swim or sink. For this we need to have a thick skin of knowledge to back us up. To ensure this we must be life long learners. We should  be students for life in order to survive. Either float or sink. Your choice.

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