Nothing is impossible, to do or achieve if we want it really that bad, we mean nothing. It is ultimately what we want to do. This spark initiates within our tiny but powerful mind. As individuals only we have control over it. What we think is what we will achieve.We would sacrifice everything to go for it and get it done. In the diagram you see two branches that are far apart. A single ant cannot cross it no matter what. It is like a vast canyon. But by joining legs together and intermingling bodies, they are able to get the task of crossing this vast space accomplished. Their bodies serve as a bridge on which other ants walk on. Some of this bridge do fall and sacrifice themselves for the sake of the entire species. Some do drown as well. This is what- unity within a species can bring. Sadly, Humans are unlike these ants.  If we join hands we can make the impossible possible. This applies to anything we do in life.
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