Life is a journey based on trial and error. Our ancestors had made their share of mistakes and corrected them to stay alive. Mistakes are inevitable in all of our lives. But we must learn from them to progress. Failure always comes ahead of success in life. Often multiple times. There is no one who has conquered success without setting foot on the steps of failures. Without failure we would not be able to admire or cherish the successful component of life. Mistakes at meant to be made and lessons to be learnt from them. That is why there are teachers and students. If everyone was a master who would be the student. If everyone were doctors who would the patient be. Repeating the same mistakes over and over again in life does not help us move ahead, instead we tend to go in circles. We need to learn to get up and run every time we fall. Life is full of trials and tribulations. So enjoy the journey and learn from it. Enjoy the short lived successes and the short lived failures. It always keeps coming back. Mistakes.
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