Plastics have taken over every part of the World including the remotest islands in the midst of vast oceans. How is it possible? What' s going on here? Micro-plastics are all over the World including marine animals. Research has shown us that plastics do damage at different biological levels as you are already aware. They are a petroleum derivative and has found its way into our kitchen, food pantry containers, into our refrigerators, our TV, VCR, in our cars and within our bodies also. As the diagram shows the ill effects of  which we can see visually. There are many which we can not even see at the cellular level or hormonal level. We do not use plastics and carry glass water bottle to work. The water is filtered and boiled at home. Nor do we purchase plastic bottled water. Heat, food and plastic is a deadly combination as shown in various scientific literature and studies. We carry our tote bag products all over town and to our local grocery store. Less knowledge is dangerous. All of us must be well informed citizens that will enable us in making the right choice for all Human beings and the environment each of us live in. All types of pollution must be prevented before it heads to the water lines and to the oceans. Cleanup is wasteful and is inefficient. It is impossible to cleanup once it leaves port. The ship has sailed away. Prevent waste before it happens. Prevention is better than care. Be well informed and aware of your local ecosystem. When we consume more, the more we pollute. Cotton tote bags help in curtailing plastic bag use in stores across the World.
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