We shouldn't be waiting for that someone to move ourselves forward in life. It is our life and it is entirely up to us to move the mountains using our own effort. Don't expect anyone to do our dirty job.  The force for propulsion should come from within you. The inner drive.  We call it, the fire within. With out this inner drive each and everyone of us would come to a standstill.  We wouldn't have any reason to get out of bed in the morning. Our ancestor and forefathers have done their job to bring us to where we are now, it is up to us to take the hands of our next generation and guide them forward, but the drive has to be from within them. We can only take them to the water, but cannot  make them drink. Once we have done our part, the ball is on their court to propel it forward. Taking turns helps us in propelling lives forward and in bringing about change around us.
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