Perfection is an obsession and is an unattainable goal for many. It is in fact a moving target- as we move forward, it moves further away. The very few who strive to attain it giving their 100 % attain it after a few hundred or odd failures or so called set backs. If they are pushed back, they fight to move forward. This is what keeps them going forward one baby step at a time. The more you are pushed backward, the more you will need to fight for your place. This is what we see in real life and it is applicable in anything we do.

We should fight to attain perfection in  anything we do. This mindset will get you to places where no one has been to. Perfection is a state of mind and a goal worth attaining. Too much becomes and obsession, less of it becomes invaluable. It has to be just right and at the right level. But well done in terms of quality. Continue to do this and you will be the master.  An expert is one who does the same thing over and over.  This is in fact how perfection is achieved.

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