We all go through man-made difficulties at some stage of life or another. With this we learn life lessons and hope that we use it by getting burnt and learning from it. Only the die hard breed of animals are chosen for strength, endurance and pride. The title stands as a symbol signifying that a person has endured and outlasted the competition by overcoming obstacles and has a been a thoroughbred in its class of survival. He or she has battle scars to prove their strength, confidence, persistence and perseverance to push through anything life throws at them.  Hardship tests our patient, endurance and strength. The fainthearted give up. But people with a strong mind,  determination to succeed and a goal oriented person never ever gives up. They fall and get up many times until their goal is reached. At this point it is the best satisfactory point in ones life one can achieve. A well deserved one. In life only the strong survive. In the real World if we give up we will be taken for a ride and pushed back in line. Obstacles are here for a reason. Failure is part of life and for any business. If anything was easy, everyone would be doing it.

To succeed in anything you have to be the best of the best. This ultimately is determined by your mindset towards success. So keep fit, stay strong and keep an open mind. Success is close by. AND never ever ever give up.

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