Global temperature is always fluctuating and have been since the formation of Earth. There have been reversal of poles. Volcanoes have been erupting , earthquakes have been shifting continents,  mountains have been rising, life in and above water has been growing steadily . All this has been happening naturally. But a new shift to this norm has been occurring. With the discovery of fossil fuels,  man has learned to get it out and capitalize on it . This has resulted in global pollution of an immense magnitude. This has been happening everyday since the day it was extracted and refined.  Since there is no plan B for us, we continue to use it as if it was water and in unlimited quantities. With increased pollution contained  within the ozone layer, the heat within the greenhouse has increased year after year leading to widespread havoc in weather all across the World. Polar ice caps are our refrigerators. They too have been affected. 

Nature is very fragile and is well linked. One imbalance in one area can affect another. We see this based on daily weather patterns across the globe. Each of us has played a part in it. If we do not change course and preserve our ecosystem, it will fight back.

Time to respect nature, admire it, and keep our distance from it.  Because it is currently giving us more than what we are taking from it. Without which our mere existence will be questionable. Think about it.

To help nature in the healing process from the effects of human intervention, our mission is as follows. 

WE BELIEVE IN SUSTAINABILITY- ONE HUMAN.ONE TREE  This is why we have created this unique design which are seen on all our all product categories. There are 7 Billion people on Earth currently. Imagine each of us planting a tree today. That is 7 Billion trees strong in an instant. Do it once, water it, and nurture it with care to adulthood, then the nature takes of the rest.  Who is watering the forests for these many years since the formation of our Earth? Once each of these trees grow, their next generation will populate the Planet many times over by dropping their own seeds and extending their roots far and wide. When the population of trees exceed the Human population we become self-sustainable. This is what we would like to accomplish. But it all starts with one tiny seed and one Human to plant it.

We hope you will do your part . We are doing our's.

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