Animals have been domesticated and eaten as food since mankind evolved. Back then they were hunter gatherers before agricultural revolution began. This was a means of survival to hunt, kill and eat. If they didn't hunt, they literally had to starve as a family living in large close knit groups.  Fast forward to today, food is not an issue. Food is getting imported from 3000 miles away to a supermarket near you. Today no one goes hungry for lack of food availability. Meat eating have continued to this day.

We as humans were meant to co-exist with all other life forms.  We do not have to hunt for food in any shape or form.  Vegetarian diet has proven to be more healthier based on various studies. Nature has proved to us that herbivorous animals are much stronger than its counterparts who are carnivorous. In today's human society, we see many people converting to eating vegetables because they see the health benefits of it. Many food related health issues such as obesity, heart disease etc. have come into being in our society as a result of unhealthy choice of food including processed food. We are what we eat.  

Animals are very intelligent  and social beings just like us. They have feelings just like all of us and have their own families too.  The sad part is we are unable to communicate with them in their sound language nor can we understand them. Their social structure and hierarchy is very complex.  Nature has provided us with nutritious plant based diet to feed on and survive. We as consumers have to choose what is healthy.

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