We live in a materialistic and an artificially created World. As Humans we have learned to love products unconditionally but use people conditionally through exploitation for our own gain. Humans are very unique in a way that we have been given the sixth sense and probably even the seventh unlike all the other life forms around us.

Each of us are unique and precious in our own ways, each of us with our own signature character, personality traits, likes, dislikes, passions, plans, dreams and aspirations.

Each of us have at our disposal 24 Hours to live and work with. What we do with that 24 hours is what matters and not by how many years we have lived our life that matters.


Man has complicated his life in the name of technological advancements and by way of the inventions that were brought to life in the industrial era.  Family life and individual happiness have been compromised in the process. We spend less time with family and more time at work just to put food on the table. The big gets bigger and the lower rung feed on the crumbs.The Happiness index and job satisfaction have gone way down and is in the red zone across the World. Our logo Simbly Simplify signifies the extent to which we are carrying unnecessary load on our backs and it tells us to let go of  excess baggage and Live Life the way it is meant to be lived. This means living and coexisting with nature and fellow Human beings. This includes working together and towards the better good of all manakind.  First we need to take care of our environment and our home by planting trees that should exceed the population of Humans. The rest  will be taken care of and be given back to us by nature. We take care of it, it takes care of us. It's a give and take proposition and a delicate relationship. Time to simblify our lives, consume less, pollute less and start living LIFE the way nature intended it to be lived. In the logo you see part of the B fall off transforming it into the letter P. This signifies shedding off materialism and the simplification of our lives. Let Go. Live life.

 As Humans, all we have been doing is chasing money all our lives and in the end we have never even lived our lives. We have nothing to show for. In fact, We have traded our life- time on this Earth for money. This time of ours is running out like what we see in an hourglass.

We should ask ourselves these questions:

What legacy will we be leaving behind?

How do we and can we  treat and respect each other as Humans?

Will our subsequent generations coexist?

How will our planet-our home be treated after we are gone?

Are we still continuing to go about using toxic chemicals, plastics and others or are we going towards using sustainable and renewable products?

Are we going to continue dumping all toxins and pollutants in our backyard?

Will we be using air canisters to breathe normally in the near future?

Will we still have the forests 50 years from now or are we going to die from lack of air?

Is our marine life going to survive or are we going to use plastics to beautify their habitat?

Most of us live in cities. Have you ever planted a tree in your life? Try it. It's the most satisfying things you can ever do . Do it once and reap the benefits for life by watching the tree which you planted grow, blossom into adulthood, bear fruits and flowers which you can consume and on top of it, they shed more seeds to produce future generations many times over. Try it and see for yourself.

One Human, One Tree is the easiest and the only way to live in a sustainable way. That is 7 Billion trees strong. Plant it once and nurture it. Rest will be on autopilot.

We cannot eat or breathe money to live. If we do not take care of our planet, it will not take care of us. 

We are literally living on a pebble amidst millions of galaxies in the vast darkness of space. This explains how insignificant we are in our minimally significant life. Our life is limited in what we do.

We feel that as Humans we are going backward towards the dark ages. We have made advancements in Science, Art, Medicine, astronomy etc but we have had our own drawbacks as well - again artificially created. In the name of civilization, we have destroyed precious forests, medicinal plants, polluted our air and water sources, even our own species. Animals and plants and their enzymes have the power to heal us. But if we keep destroying them at this rapid pace, we as Humans will face our extinction soon as a species.

We are the only species on Earth trying to eradicate its own species. Imagine if each and every nation on earth pile the money they spend on defenses and use that money for peaceful purpose such as education, Health, family planning, renewable energy without the pollution etc, everyone would benefit thereby living our lives to the fullest without regrets and suffering. Poverty and disease would be eliminated. We all can live our lives in peace, enjoy it and support the next generation in moving forward together. There will end our responsibility once we pass on the baton to them. Then it's becomes their turn and their responsibility to provide life lessons to the subsequent generations.

Children learn from their parents. If a kid sees their parents throwing trash in their own backyard, and if the kid has been seeing it throughout his or her childhood . This behavior tends to repeat itself throughout life.

Words are powerful and it does have an impact on us.Pen is mightier than the sword. Words have the power to make a difference and this is what we intend to do by leaving our footprint which may change lives for the better. Picture is worth a thousand words, which relate to what we are doing and trying to convey to the World.


The purpose of us to embark on this journey is to pass on messages that may help change the life of the person or persons who wears the product and also to the recipient who sees the message on a T-shirt for example.

Our company- It all started like this. Our founder had an adverse incident which almost ended his life. It was a matter of just 5 minutes. This has helped him look outside the box and outside the boundaries of this artificial society we have created. His deep seated passion in drawing, painting, sketching, photography, molding and carving combined with his deep understanding of people around the World, has started this ball rolling. He also loves travelling. This is the way by which he approaches giving back to society by understanding and learning about different cultures, their customs and traditions. The products which we create and the messages that they impart are designed and meant to initiate the thought process, start a conversation, look at it differently or even nurture a constructive debate. It may even be a conversation starter.

We are artists by nature and through our creations we are looking to educate, inspire and uplift  the user of our products.With a keen eye for detail, perfection and a deep seated passion to give something back to humanity and serve mankind, we have decided to create unique designs carrying creative messages. These messages are printed on T-shirts, apparel, mugs etc.which is made available to you on our site. We are doing our part. Please do your part in helping us help mankind. Hope you will join us on our journey through life and in helping us help others in the process.

We have dedicated our lives in creating unique drawings with a meaning. Now is the time to transform our thoughts into action. We have consolidated decades of life experiences, both positive and otherwise and are very happy to present it to you in the form of drawings and pictures as you see in the various products we have displayed exclusively for you.

Hope this brings to you years of joy, happiness,satisfaction, a lifetime of peace and prosperity. WE are looking to see the fruits of our labor bear fruit in our society by seeing new positive changes that can or may happen for all Human beings around us.

This is what we seek to achieve. We are hoping to see a World where we appreciate the multitude varieties of each other's, art, food, clothing and culture, respect our differences, admire each other for who we are and learn about each other in an open minded environment.

WE BELIEVE IN SUSTAINABILITY- ONE HUMAN.ONE TREE  This is why we have created this unique design which are seen on all our all product categories. There are 7 Billion people on Earth currently. Imagine each of us planting a tree today. That is 7 Billion trees strong in an instant. Do it once, water it, and nurture it with care to adulthood, then the nature takes of the rest.  Guess who is watering the forests for these many years since the formation of our Earth or even fertilizing them? Nature has been taking care of all our needs that help us survive. But we have been fighting against nature and destroying it in the process.Once each of these trees grow, their next generation will populate the Planet many times over by dropping their own seeds and extending their roots far and wide. When the population of trees exceed the Human population we become self-sustainable. This is what we would like to accomplish. But it all starts with one tiny seed and one Human to plant it.

We hope you will do your part . We are doing our's.

Thank you.

Your Simbly Simplify Team.